Advent Project: Silent Night, Indeed.

Each year, I blog through the Advent Season – a time of waiting, expecting, and longing in the midst of exile. This year’s Advent Project is my way of intentionally seeking truth in this time and motivating myself to reflect. Let’s reflect together about what it means for God to be with us, and how badly we need it.


All week, I had a particular post in mind. I had pretty much written the whole thing in my head, a process I usually do before I finally sit down and write. The post was going to be about how Christans often feel persecuted… I was going to bring in the classic “Happy Holidays” controversy, maybe sprinkle in a little Phil Robertson, round it off with a healthy dose of Jeremiah 29, and brush the dirt off my shoulders while the arguments and comments ensued.

This week I finally caved and posted a Facebook status about my thoughts on the Duck Dynasty debacle. I probably shouldn’t have. The comments rolled in, the debates began, and for two days I found myself constantly checking for comments or having to intentionally force myself not to.

To be perfectly honest, I spent my entire Sunday morning sitting at the back of the church typing away a response to a Christian who thought I was a heretic with a watered-down faith. On the last Sunday of Advent, instead of looking for Christ and waiting in expectation along with my sisters and brothers in church, I was in my own world, arguing and getting upset over a “current event” that will blow over in a week.

Not that I don’t think the issue is important, or stand by (most) of my words. But as Ecclesiastes says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

Timing is everything, and Advent is not the time for arguing. Advent is a time to keep your mouth shut and wait.

There will be a time for the post I was planning on writing, about Jeremiah 29 and how Christians live in Exile. But now is not that time.

Two days before Christmas, to finish out a series about hope, beauty, and expectation, it’s time to shut up and take it all in; to sing a song; to spend time with loved ones; to build a snowman; to eat a home-cooked meal; to serve a stranger; to love silently.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May your words be few and your hearts be large.


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